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Life Coach For Women 

Award-Winning Life Coach supporting you through life changes

"Teresa has helped me to build my confidence. I now feel a lot more in control and would happily recommend her because she is such a brilliant coach." Helen London UK


Hello, my name is Teresa Bulford-Cooper, a professional, qualified award-winning Life Coach and published author from Exeter, Devon.


I specialise as a life coaching for women, helping them adjust to various changes in their lives, such as going through:


All of which can lead to loss of confidence, lack of direction and loneliness. Lots of ladies who hit a certain age decide there is more to life and want to make changes, but don't know how.

Making life-changing decisions can be very daunting as you go through periods of adjustment. Having an understanding, neutral, non-judgmental ear and sounding board like myself to virtually hold your hand can be of extreme value to you!

I'm a former Harley Street professional, fully accredited, International award-winning Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner/Trainer and Clinical Hypnotherapist working online near Exeter, Devon, UK with over 4 decades of experience.


Please feel assured that if we work together I will give you all the support and encouragement that you need to overcome whatever you are struggling with, and help to get you on a path towards the life you desire and deserve.

So Ladies, if you are serious about wanting to make changes in your life, or getting help for your daughter, book a call with me and let's have a virtual coffee and a chat to see how I can help you.

Teresa - Life Coach for women and 16 - 24 year old young Ladies.

Published Author of "Ladies Let's Get Going" & "A Pocket Book Of Confidence"

Guess it will soon be #award time again. I had many over this last few years and this was

Established since 2003

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Senior Woman

"Thank you Teresa for three wonderful sessions, I have learnt such a great deal and the tools you have given me are helping me each and every day on this new journey. Thank you."


Attractive Mature Woman

"My sessions with you have been invaluable and I really can’t thank you enough. You’ve taught me that I don’t need to feel anxious, full of worry or sad all the time and provided me with the tools to take away and use if I ever felt a wobble, so thank you."  


Middle Aged Woman

"Teresa's listening skills and questioning style both are excellent, she is calm and very understanding and she has helped me build my confidence, improve my focus and stop procrastination. I feel much more in control and focused."


Frequently asked questions

Who do you coach?

I specialise as a life coach for women helping them to find the confidence and reach out to find a new excititng life, filled with happiness and purpose. Many ladies are either going through a divorce, or are divorced and on their own struggling to find new direction. I also coach daughters from the age of 16 who are suffering with anxiety, lack of confidence or just not coping well for various reason. Many of my clients can identify with at least one of the following:

  • Feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated and procrastinating.
  • Stuck in a rut or situation they can't see their way out of.
  • Suffering with self-doubts and limiting beliefs.
  • Looking for techniques and tools for dealing with change, stress and anxieties.
  • Lacking self-confidence to go after what they really want in their life.
  • Finding new future adventures.
  • Starting a small business for the first time.
  • Ending of a relationship or divorced.
  • Daughters who parents are struggling to help.

How will you help me?

We will work together through my 7 step Coaching Program which will help you to:

  • Take a good look at your current situation.
  • Find exactly what you want to have or do in your life.
  • Explore what has been holding you back.
  • Identify and deminish any self-doubt and fears.
  • Rebuild your confidence and self esteem.
  • Create an action plan with manageable steps to help you move forward with your life.
  • Supply you with techniques to look after your wellness.
As a specialist life coach for women over 50, I will help you to take action, one step at a time, and with me as your accountability partner, I will encourage and support you along your journey. Together we will compile the next exciting chapter of your life. Many Ladies have areas in their lives which could benefit from making changes. However we don't always know where to start and so I will help you take those initial steps and guide you along the way. Sometimes we get overwhelmed when trying to make changes and become demotivated in the process. It is essential that we invest in ourselves for our wellbeing, both physically and mentally. I will make sure that your wellness is at the heart of what you do. I will be with you every step of the way, supporting you, guiding you, motivating and inspiring you. With my help you can overcome those fears and limiting beliefs to smash through them and stand proud! We will be focusing on changing your mindset, being crystal clear what it is you really want, eliminating those negative thoughts. You deserve to lead a fulfilling, happy and purposeful life and believe me when I say that achieving this is possible.

How much does coaching cost?

It costs nothing to find out if I can help you, so please book a free 30 minute chat over a virtual coffee with me. If we are a goof fit and decide to work together I have several packages to offer you and we can discuss what will be best for you when we have had a chat about your situation and the best way I can help you. You can find information and package pricing here

Are you a qualified Life Coach?

Yes, I am a multi award-winning International fully-quailified and certified Coach, having trained extensively in the UK and USA with experts such as Paul McKenna, Dr Richard Bandler and The London Coaching Academy. I am also a member of the elite International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a former Harley Street Coach, NLP Master Practitioner/Trainer and Clinical Hypnotherapist. I am currently specialising as a life coach for women over 50 and their teenage daughters.
I have been in business for over 40 years so have plenty of other qualifications under my belt such as a BSc (hons) from Oxford Brookes Uni, a MSci Science from the Open University, and a PGCE (Further education). Also a Speaker and Published Author of "Ladies Let's Get Going" and "A Pocket Book Of Confidence"

Working with me is as easy as 1-2-3

Talking on phones


Book a 30 minute free consultation with me to explore what's going on in your world and see how I can best help you. 



Book your first coaching session to begin your new exciting journey towards to the life you so desire and deserve.

Quiet Desk


Meet up with me for your face to face coaching sessions on zoom, Skype or if you prefer on the phone.



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